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Work done at Sparsh Clinics

1. Microsurgery

A. Replantation of amputated body parts eg hand, palm.
B. Reconstruction of lost parts with micro vascular tissue transfer
C. Micro neural transfer or anastomoses for nerve transaction or segmental nerve loss.
D. Micro Vaso-vasostomy
E. Micro Tubo-tubal anastomosis

2. Genital Plastic Surgery

A. Hypospadias – Cordee release with Urethroplasty
B. Vaginoplasty Р Vaginal Agenesis
C. Hymenoplasty
D. Scrotal Reconstruction, Testicular Implants
E. Penile Reconstruction

3. Breast Surgery

A. Lump Excision
B. Mastectomies
C. Breast Reconstruction
D. Reduction Mammoplasty
E. Breast Augmentation
F. Mastopexy
G. Gynaecomastia – Liposuction & /or Gland Excision

4. Aesthetic Surgery

A. Liposuction
B. Abdominoplasty
C. Thighplasty / Armplasty
D. Facelift
E. Rhinoplasty
F. Genioplasty – Chinplasty
G. Blepharoplasty
H. Ear reconstruction
I. Otoplasty – Correction of Cup Ear Deformity.

5. Clefts

A. Cleft Lip and Palate surgery
B. Cleft lip nose corrective Surgery
C. Secondary cleft deformity corrections
D. Complex facial cleft Surgery

6. Post Burn deformities

A. Contracture release
B. Scar improvement surgeries

7. Maxillofacial Surgery

A. Trauma and facial fractures
B. TM Joint Ankylosis and problems
C. Cosmetic Surgery of Face
D. Orthognathic Surgery

8. Wound Care and defect reconstruction

A. Skin Grafts for extensive areas
B. Fasciocutaneus and Myocutaneus Flaps
C. Micro vascular flap transfers
D. Bone and Mandibular reconstruction by micro vascular Fibula
E. VAC Therapy for complex, discharging or non-healing areas

9. Hand Surgery

A. Complex hand trauma
B. Carpal Tunnel and Nerve Compression Syndromes
C. Nail bed repairs and hook nail deformities
D. Thumb reconstruction and Pollicization
E. Congenital Hand Deformities

10. Oculoplastic Surgery

A. Orbital Surgery
B. Correction of Diplopia and Enopthalmos
C. Eyelid reconstruction after loss due to trauma or tumour
D. Aesthetic correction of Ageing eyelids

Cup/Bat Ears – safely correctable problem.

Some things are surprising. Cup ear correction surgeries are one commonly performed procedure in developed countries. In India it is not commonly asked for. Probably it is our inherent attitude to accept….and be happy. And why not? It is one objective for all Cosmetic corrections….to be happy about oneself. So what if a body part is different than what is accepted. Nothing wrong in feeling that my difference is OK!

But it is also true that if one feels that this correction can make feel better about oneself it is possible. And without any side effects plus a reasonably rewarding result. In the near past two such people asked for it with a balanced mind and realistic expectations. They got a gratifying result with a scar hidden in the sulcus behind the ear. The shape was corrected and the angle between the ear – backside was reduced. Such help is safely available!

Variety of Cosmetic Surgery done with consistent results!

In the recent past various different aesthetic surgical interventions were done with satisfying results. Two cases of  facial Fillers were done. One for Nasolabial folds and another for infraorbital hollowing. Both were counseled in detail about the expected outcome and limitations. And the results made us happy.

A blepharoplasy was done with the additional benefit of midface rejuvenation. The resulting scars are inconspicuous and the predicted result achieved.

Breast Surgery is another common area consulted for. Breast reduction was done with gratifying reduction in shoulder and neck/back pain. It resulted in improving the gait and self image to a great extent! The reduced hang gave a youthful appearance which was sought for.

Breast Augmentation was done using Silicone implants. Good instumentation made the procedure quick, painless, and uneventful. The consequence was pleasant for the flat chested female.

Liposuctions are happening more often with consistent results. Correct selection for the same is resulting in satisfaction both for the patient and the surgical team.

Rhinoplasties are becoming commoner. Both closed and open tip dissections results in good results depending on the desires and the planned steps.

Combined Cosmetic procedures are becoming possible because of better planning, established standards, reduced operating time. It reduces the downtime, cost and gives more balanced results. Recently we did Mastopexy with Abdominoplasty, Breast Reduction with Liposuctions with gratifing results.






On Friday the 28th August 2009, a tin sheet cutting blade severed the dominant right hand of a worker. Accident time was 10.00AM. The amputated part was very correctly preserved by ‘bag in bag’ method by the local Consultant. He reached Sparsh at 3.30PM. Dissection of the amputated part, basic workup, anaesthesia was started at 4.00PM. Bony Synthesis achieved using 5 K wires, one for each finger. Flexor tendons were repaired. Microanastomosis of 2 arteries started blood flow in the severed part, 10 hours after separation. Extensor tendons were repaired and 3 dorsal veins anastomosed under the Operating Microscope. Good perfusion started and loose skin closure followed by plaster immobilisation done. The whole procedure took 9 hours for completion. On day 5, all fingers including the thumb are doing well. This is a difficult level for replantation, good planning, an able team and favorable factors yielded a gratifying result.

This August, it is 2 years since the accident. The patient has started moving the fingers and has regained sensations enough to make for him to use those fingers. He has joined back in the same factory, in the same position that he was in before the injury. This is the final parameter of the usefulness of replantation.