Random Thoughts

Listen to me.
It is overwhelming. How important is “me”.
You have to hear my problems. Even if they are unrelated. Even if I tell them in great details. Even if everything else is waiting because of me.
The close ones understand. But they want u to be understanding. And keep doing it. For their close one is affected. How can u be brief and not listen? And why can’t u keep doing it all the time if that is desired? ¬†Aren’t u there just for that? Are we? Oh my god….u must stop.
It’s funny at times. There is grown up behaving like a kid. Cannot relax. Will not let u examine. Will not let u do anything. Everybody is on their side except u. And u are the only one around who can help.Yet u are the enemy. U are going to hurt the wounded. It is necessary but impossible. U feel like leaving. Leave them to their fate. U cannot. Because u can relieve them. But it has to be done their way. At their time. Or u are inconsiderate!!
How can u rest or enjoy when I am suffering? U may be a human being who needs it but not when I need u. My needs come before urs, isn’t it?
What haunts is why me? Did I choose to help u to feel this way? If I choose not to do as it pleases u why am I wrong. Even if do the right my way u can abuse since u have the disease.
Shhhhh. Something grossly wrong!

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