Variety of Cosmetic Surgery done with consistent results!

In the recent past various different aesthetic surgical interventions were done with satisfying results. Two cases of  facial Fillers were done. One for Nasolabial folds and another for infraorbital hollowing. Both were counseled in detail about the expected outcome and limitations. And the results made us happy.

A blepharoplasy was done with the additional benefit of midface rejuvenation. The resulting scars are inconspicuous and the predicted result achieved.

Breast Surgery is another common area consulted for. Breast reduction was done with gratifying reduction in shoulder and neck/back pain. It resulted in improving the gait and self image to a great extent! The reduced hang gave a youthful appearance which was sought for.

Breast Augmentation was done using Silicone implants. Good instumentation made the procedure quick, painless, and uneventful. The consequence was pleasant for the flat chested female.

Liposuctions are happening more often with consistent results. Correct selection for the same is resulting in satisfaction both for the patient and the surgical team.

Rhinoplasties are becoming commoner. Both closed and open tip dissections results in good results depending on the desires and the planned steps.

Combined Cosmetic procedures are becoming possible because of better planning, established standards, reduced operating time. It reduces the downtime, cost and gives more balanced results. Recently we did Mastopexy with Abdominoplasty, Breast Reduction with Liposuctions with gratifing results.





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