Cup/Bat Ears – safely correctable problem.

Some things are surprising. Cup ear correction surgeries are one commonly performed procedure in developed countries. In India it is not commonly asked for. Probably it is our inherent attitude to accept….and be happy. And why not? It is one objective for all Cosmetic corrections….to be happy about oneself. So what if a body part is different than what is accepted. Nothing wrong in feeling that my difference is OK!

But it is also true that if one feels that this correction can make feel better about oneself it is possible. And without any side effects plus a reasonably rewarding result. In the near past two such people asked for it with a balanced mind and realistic expectations. They got a gratifying result with a scar hidden in the sulcus behind the ear. The shape was corrected and the angle between the ear – backside was reduced. Such help is safely available!

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