1. Microsurgery


A. Replantation of amputated body parts eg hand, palm.
B. Reconstruction of lost parts with micro vascular tissue transfer
C. Micro neural transfer or anastomoses for nerve transaction or segmental nerve loss.
D. Micro Vaso-vasostomy
E. Micro Tubo-tubal anastomosis

F. Brachial Plexus Surgery – Nerve transfers, Nerve grafts, Tendon Transfers, Free functioning Muscle Transfers


2. Genital Plastic Surgery


A. Hypospadias – Cordee release with Urethroplasty
B. Vaginoplasty –  Vaginal Agenesis
C. Hymenoplasty
D. Scrotal Reconstruction, Testicular Implants
E. Penile Reconstruction

F. Sex Reassignment Surgery – Male to female and Female to male.


3. Breast Surgery


A. Lump Excision
B. Mastectomies
C. Breast Reconstruction
D. Reduction Mammoplasty
E. Breast Augmentation
F. Mastopexy
G. Gynaecomastia – Liposuction & /or Gland Excision


4. Aesthetic Surgery


A.  Liposuction
B.  Abdominoplasty
C. Thighplasty / Armplasty
D.  Facelift
E.  Rhinoplasty
F.  Genioplasty – Chinplasty
G. Blepharoplasty
H. Ear reconstruction

I. Otoplasty – Correction of Cup Ear Deformity.


5. Clefts


A. Cleft Lip and Palate surgery
B. Cleft lip nose corrective Surgery
C. Secondary cleft deformity corrections
D. Complex facial cleft Surgery


6. Post Burn deformities


A. Contracture release
B. Scar improvement surgeries


7. Maxillofacial Surgery


A. Trauma and facial fractures
B. TM Joint Ankylosis and problems
C. Cosmetic Surgery of Face
D. Orthognathic Surgery


8. Wound Care and defect reconstruction


A. Skin Grafts for extensive areas
B. Fasciocutaneus and Myocutaneus Flaps
C. Micro vascular flap transfers
D. Bone and Mandibular reconstruction by micro vascular Fibula
E. VAC Therapy for complex, discharging or non-healing areas


9. Hand Surgery


A. Complex hand trauma
B. Carpal Tunnel and Nerve Compression Syndromes
C. Nail bed repairs and hook nail deformities
D. Thumb reconstruction and Pollicization
E. Congenital Hand Deformities


10. Oculoplastic Surgery


A. Orbital Surgery
B. Correction of Diplopia and Enopthalmos
C. Eyelid reconstruction after loss due to trauma or tumour
D. Aesthetic correction of Ageing eyelids