Maxillofacial surgery is the subspecialty of plastic surgery dealing with the trauma and deformities of face and underlying bony skeleton. The gamut of maxillofacial surgery ranges from congenital deformities of children to adult trauma and facial cosmesis.

Paediatric facial plastic surgeries done at Sparsh Clinics include clefts of lip, palate or face, congenital deformities of the skull and eye region, hypertolerism, hemifacial atrophy, craniofacial microsomia and ear reconstruction. Ear reconstruction is being done with autologous cartilage harvested from the patient’s ribcage with consistent results. These all are demanding surgeries which are being done efficiently at Sparsh Clinics, Nagpur.

Trauma to the face is commonly seen nowadays due to increased incidence of road traffic accidents which has led to the rise of facial injuries and fractures. Zygomatico-maxillary fractures are the most common facial fractures seen in our setup. Other commonly seen fractures are those of mandible, maxilla, nose, orbit and frontal bone. If uncorrected these fractures causes facial deformity and loss of function. Zygomatico-maxillary fractures causes depression of one side of face; nasal bone fractures causes nasal deformity; orbital fractures can lead to sunken eye with problems in the vision; fractures of maxilla and mandible causes facial deformity along with loss of occlusion and mouth opening disorders. Prompt recognition and appropriate fixation is required in these cases.

Orthognathic surgery is another field of plastic surgery wherein upper and lower jaws are surgically moved to increase the facial cosmesis. These subgroup of patients include those with congenital problems of face, mid face retrusion, protrusion or retrusion of mandible due to any cause. Other aesthetic procedures can also be performed simultaneously. The type of surgery in each patient has to be individualised.

The problems of temporo-mandibular joint are taken care of with equal effectiveness. The ankylosis of TM joint leads to mandibular deformity and decreased mouth opening. Long term ankylosis leads to a typical bird like facies. Inability to open mouth leads to under nutrition, problems of speech and oral hygiene. An appropriate surgical technique allows us to help these patients.

To summarise, maxillofacial surgery is a vast subspecialty of a vaster field of Plastic surgery. As this involves the surgery of face and facial skeleton, it can also be called as a ‘Confidence building’ surgery.